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HR&S Financial Services, LLC - "Providing financial direction for businesses and individuals."

Two key factors ought to permeate financial decisions: goals and directions, i.e. what is the optimum method of achieving the goals given the tax laws and the investment climate. "Goals" are much more than a wish list. "Goals" need to be defined given the realistic constraints that impinge on each specific situation. For example, a Human Resources director may need to weigh a goal of employee satisfaction with benefit levels against the cost of providing them. Another example, how can a business smoothly pass to one child if a sibling is not in the business? "Goals" (even when well defined, and HR&S Financial Services, LLC ("HRSFS") staff closely question each client to ensure that the proper questions are asked and evaluated in setting "Goals"), cannot be static. Evolving circumstances call for appropriate review of "Goals" to determine whether old ones fit the new circumstances.

"Directions", how "Goals" are achieved will change more frequently than "Goals" simply because no financial vehicle can always and ever serve equally with the "Goals" it is designed to accomplish. Are municipal bonds always appropriate if rates are low and rising, or can a variable annuity perform better? Is the rising cost of HMO's worth the price if a POS plan provides better services at only a marginal increase in premiums.

Whether "Goals", "Directions" or both are the subject, HRSFS's approach to working with clients always emphasizes three elements: Guarantees, taxes and liquidity. What alternatives maximize the likelihood that "Goals" can be guaranteed? Will the "Directions" recommended reduce or defer taxes? In a worst-case scenario, can the client position be made liquid, if necessary and at what cost?

The process, which HRSFS staff employs in helping clients set or sharpen "Goals" and recommends "Directions" is always highly individualized. It has to be. No client is a mirror of another, and no client wants nor should receive "cookie cutter" treatment. "Putting Each Client First" is our motto and we mean it.

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